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Eyelash Extensions in Port Chester, NY

Eyelash Extensions in Port Chester, NY

When it comes to premium, lasting eyelash extensions in Port Chester, NY, there is no one better than us! We want to achieve the best results possible for you, which is why we use premium cashmere flat eyelashes. Cashmere mink eyelashes are the newest trend in the lash industry and are softer and 60% lighter than other lashes. However, we can also provide mink synthetic and 100% mink eyelashes. Our team can fill most of your eyelashes, and we only charge for the service rather than for each individual eyelash we apply. Get started by contacting us today.

New Client Discount For Premium Set - $85.00 (Regular $120.00)

Eyelashes Beauty Salon in Port Chester, NY

Eyelash Extension Pricing

  Premium Cashmere Flat  Hybrid Set Volume
Full Set $120 $150 $250
1 Week Touch up $50 $60 $80
2 Week Touch up $60 $75 $110
3 Week Touch up $75 $90 $150
4 Week Touch up $90 $120 $190
Initial(80 pc) $99
Lash lift $40
Lash Tinting $35
Lash Removal $30

Aftercare Instructions

Although eyelash extensions can last up to 5 weeks, we recommend aftercare every 2 to 3 weeks for them to look their best. Since each lash is at a different stage, they will shed and replenish at different times. Follow the instructions below in order to prolong the life of the extensions.
  • Avoid wetting your lashes for at least 24 hours in order for the bond to completely dry. (e.g., shower, swimming, sweat, tears, etc.)
  • Avoid exposure to heat, sauna and steam, or skincare procedures. (e.g., hot yoga, hairdryer, facials, peels)
  • Avoid mascara, eyelash curlers, and all oil-based makeup products. Try to use water-soluble products.
  • When removing makeup, use oil-free makeup remover or cleansers and lint-free applicators.
  • Avoid cotton or lint (no cotton balls or Q-tips). They will get caught between your extensions and cause tugging/pulling.
  • Be careful when towel drying your face. Pat around the eyes; do not rub.
  • Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach.
  • Never pull out stray extensions. Always come in to have extensions safely removed.
  • Touch-ups should be made every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain the fullness of the lashes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.
  • For fuller lashes, try lash enhancing products such as Latisse or Lashfood. To find out more information about these products, please ask your lash professional.
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